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:twisted: How to use the forum :twisted:

1. Arguing with the staff and offensive comments are strictly forbidden!

2. Before asking a question, look FAQ for information.

Before you turn for help to the staff or to the forums by posting a new topic, check the FAQ section and the Questions & Answers section. Almost every time the answer of your question is already there.

3. Rude and improper behavior in the posts or comments will lead to a warning.You'll get only one warning!

Behave yourself when writing comments under the posts and in the forums. Respect the people, who comment with you. Do not attack them with explicit language if you disagree with them.

We will not tolerate the rude and uncensored behavior.

4. Latin alphabet is mandatory for everyone in this forum.
We do not wish to flood the forum with topics, written on an unknown for most users languages. The English language is the most commonly used, so please use it.

5 . Do not Spam!

This type of messages will not be tolerated and immediately deleted.

6 . The thread which is not in the right forum will be locked, right after being seen!
This is made in order to help users that seek something to know exactly where to find it or post a topic. Sometimes it is possible a topic, posted in the wrong forum to be moved to the right, instead of locking it.

7 . Do not discuss anything except the current topic.
Try to stick to it and try not to write things, that are not relevant (off topic).

8. Topics that are of political/religious/racist nature are not allowed in this forum. If such are located they will be immediately deleted and the users that have posted them will be banned.

9. Avatars should be at most 150x150 & 150KB. Avatars which are bigger, inappropriate or violate the rules of the forum will be deleted.
Apart from avatars larger than 150x150, make sure your avatar is not bigger than 150 KB.

Also restrict yourself from using explicit, racist, pornographic, unethical or commercial images. If your avatar has been deleted twice, you will get a warning.

10 . Any attempt for advertising without the knowledge and permission of an administrator is forbidden.

It is strictly forbidden to place commercial banners or links in the comments under the forums or your personal profile information or anywhere else on this site. If you would like to advertise here, please contact us and we will discuss the matter further.

11 . You could have only one account!

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